Appointment of Responsibles and Observers

Why Appoint Them?

You can:

  • delegate work to colleagues;
  • give access to an object without setting permissions;
  • receive notifications when objects are changed;
  • easy filter objects by responsibles and observers (more…).

What is the Difference Between Responsibles and Observers?

Responsibles can change an object. 

For example: 

  • manage stages; 
  • edit fields; 
  • assign responsibles and observers; 
  • enter time spent on projects (more...).

Observers have the right to view an object, unless other rights are granted.

What Sections are They Used in?

  • Contacts.
  • Projects.
  • Notes.
  • Day planner.

How to Appoint Responsibles and Observers?

  1. Go to the appropriate section.
  2. Select an object.
  3. Find the Responsibles and Observers blocks.
  • Click Plus to add an employee.
  • Click Pencil to add more or remove employees.