Setting up a Field Template in Contacts

Why Set up Templates?

Template is needed to duplicate fields and transfer them between the Main and Additional information.

For example, you develop websites and want the website address to be displayed in the Main Information. It does not matter where the customers are located. So you think that it is better to move the Location field to Additional Information. This is easily done using a template.

Who can Customize Templates?

The administrator and the employee have different rights to configure templates.

Administrator can change the template:

  • for groups of objects;
  • in separate objects.

Employee can change a template only in a separate object. He should also have the right to change objects. Learn how to set access rights.

How to Customize Field Templates in Groups?

  1. Go to the Group Settings page. Learn how to find the Group Settings page.
  2. Click Create Template. The Customize template page will open.
  • To move a field, use one of the following methods:
  • drag the field to the Main information or Additional information area;
  • сlick Three points on the plate with the field name. In the menu that opens, click Drag.
  • To duplicate a field, select Three points on the plate with the field name. In the menu that opens, click Duplicate. Not all fields are duplicated. Read more about this below.
  1. Click Save at the top. Once saved, the template is applied to the group.
  2. The system will return you to the Group Settings page.
  • Use the Apply template toggle to enable or disable the template.
  • Click Set template to re-swap fields and duplicate them.
  • Click Apply template of another group to duplicate an already configured template to the current group.

How to Set up a Field Template in an Object?

  1. Go to the object card to the Main information or Additional information page.
  2. Click Customize fields.
  3. On the Customization of fields page, move, duplicate and save fields as described above.

What Fields are Duplicated in Contacts?

  • Mobile.
  • Postal address.
  • Company.
  • Website address.
  • Messenger.
  • Contact person.
  • Position.
  • Social networks.

How are Templates Changed?

If you first set up an object template and then a group template, then the object template will change according to the group template.

Fields that are not moved to the Main information page remain on the Additional information page.