Reminder for a Contact

Why Add a Reminder for a Contract?

You can:

  • agree with the client about the event and get a notification in advance;
  • remind the event to yourself or to your colleagues;
  • view which activities are scheduled for the object.

How to Add a Reminder for a Contract?

  1. Go to a contact, find the Linked objects menu and select Linked tasks. Learn more about linked objects.
  2. On the Linked tasks page, click Plus.
  3. In the drop-down list:
  • click Link to link the contact to an existing task;
  • click Add to link to a new task.
  1. In the task card, find the Reminder block at the bottom left.
  2. Check the Preliminary notification box and enter a value.

The linked task will appear on the Main information page of the contact.

How to Remove a Reminder from a Contact?

Remove the task with the reminder in the Day planner. More…