Can I Сhange the Number of Stages in Contacts?

The number of stages can not be changed.

  • There are seven stages in one group, but you can use less.
  • If you have more than seven stages, create a new group.

Why Use Less Than 7 Steps in a Group?

This is required to adjust Smarty CRM to your business processes. For example, sellers do not have seven stages, but five or three. Remove unnecessary steps.

How to Use Less Than 7 Stages?

  1. Select a group of objects and go to the Group Settings. Learn how to go to a group settings.
  2. Remove the contents of the Stage field and add a sign that does not attract attention: an asterisk or a dash.
  3. Do not move objects to this stage. If there are objects there, move them to another stage.

Learn about multiple objects and moving objects.

How to Use Two or More Groups?

  1. Enter the initial stages in the first group and the final stages in the second one.
  2. Move objects to the second group when they have passed all the stages in the first one.
  3. Objects moved to the second group are assigned the initial (first) stage by default.