Mass Operations with Objects

What are Mass Operations for?

You will save time:

  • when moving objects to other groups;
  • when removing objects to Archive;
  • when exporting data;
  • when moving objects to other stages.

Where are Mass Operations Possible?

In the Contacts, Projects, Files and Processes sections.

How to Perform Mass Operations?

  1. Go to the section.
  2. Hover over an object.
  3. Click Three points on the top right of the object.
  4. In the window that opens, click Choose.
  5. Select objects in one of the following ways:
  • check the boxes;
  • in the option line that appears, click Choose all.
  1. In the option line that appears, select Move to archive (Remove), Move or Export to Excel file.
  2. You can also drag the selected elements to other group or stage.

Objects are not moved or exported in the Processes section.