Can I Add More Administrators to the Workspace?

There is only one administrator in a standard workspace. If you use a paid plan, you can contact support to add several administrators.

Why do I Need More Than One Administrator?

For example, CEO deals with general issues, and IT specialist with technical ones. The CEO has no time to add employee profiles and set up rights. He entrusts this to the IT specialist who is given the rights to administer the workspace.

Learn how to set access rights.

How to Add More Than One Administrator?

  1. Contact Smarty CRM support and explain that you want to add an additional administrator. 
  2. Send a request from the workspace administrator email. Requests from other addresses will be rejected.
  3. Enter the email of the employee to whom you want to give administrator rights.

Learn how to contact support.

What do I Need to Remember When Adding an Administrator?

Added administrator will have full access to the workspace. He will see all objects, discussions (except personal chats) and so on.

Before adding administrators, please differentiate their responsibilities at the job level. This will allow to avoid situations when they set conflicting settings.