What are Tags?

Tags are marks that:

  • grant employees access to objects;
  • filter objects in the sections.

What are Tags for?

For example, the company's central office is located in London, and the branch is in New York. The CEO wants metropolitan employees to see overseas projects. But he doesn’t want employees from New York to know about the London projects. Thanks to tags, you will correctly configure access rights to subordinates and avoid information leakage.

The tags can be a region, a type of client or some distinctive feature by which objects are grouped.

Where do Tags Apply?

In the Contacts, Projects, Notes, Day planner and Proсesses sections. Each section may have its own tags.

How to Assign a Tag?

Step 1: Create a Tag

  1. Go to the Settings/Tags page. Learn how to enter the Smarty CRM settings.
  2. Click the Plus.
  3. In the Create a tag window, enter the name and click Create.

Step 2: Set the Tag

  1. On the Settings/Tags page, click on the required tag.
  2. On the page that opens:
  • fill in the Name of the tag field;
  • enable or disable the tag for the selected sections.

If you turn off the tag for a specific section, it automatically disappears:

  • from all objects of this section;
  • from all access rights for this section.

Step 3: Add the Tag to the Access Right

  1. Go to the Settings/Access rights page and select an access right. More...
  2. Go to the section tab.
  3. In the Tag block, select the desired tag.

Do not remove No tags from access rights unnecessarily.

  • If No tags is selected, the employees will see objects without tags.
  • If you remove No tags, the employees will not see objects without tags.

Check that the employees are assigned the appropriate access right.

Learn how to assign access rights.

Step 4: Select the Tag for an Object

  1. Go to a section.
  2. Open an object or create it.
  3. In the Tags block, click Plus.
  4. In the window that opens, select the tag you need and click Save.

The object will be shown to employees with the assigned tag. 

To check who sees the object:

  1. find the Who sees this object block on the right;
  2. click the Eye.

How to Remove a Tag?

From an Object

  1. Go to the section.
  2. Enter the object.
  3. Click the Cross on the tag.

From the Access Rights

  1. Go to the Settings/Access rights page.
  2. Select the access right and go to the tab with the section name.
  3. Click the Cross on your tag.

From the Settings

  1. Go to Settings/Tags page.
  2. Hover over the tag and select the Recycle bin.
  3. In the window that appears, click Remove.