What Makes Smarty CRM Different?

Support and Training

We are ready to answer your questions and tell how Smarty CRM saves time and money in the long run. We help to customize the workspace for your business processes for free. Consultations are conducted via Skype or in any other convenient way. Teaching the basics of Smarty CRM after implementation is also possible.

Learn how to contact support.

Intuitive Interface

No need to undergo special training or ask for help from programmers. Basic PC knowledge is enough for work. Half an hour is enough to understand how Smarty CRM works. Sections have familiar names. The content is organized into groups and stages.

Only the Essential

The more sections in the CRM, the harder it is to work. Information noise drowns out useful signals. To understand the overloaded program, you need extra time.

Smarty CRM is a total of 8 sections. What does this give you? You will not get lost in the tools and get the essentials. No training wheels required.

Smarty CRM will provide functionality that no business can do without. First of all, you will get tools for working with clients, leading projects and streamlining communications.

Transparent Communications

Сompanies often use multiple communication channels: email, phones, instant messengers and social networks.

Why is it inconvenient?

  • You must sign up for countless programs.
  • Some chat threads are confused with others.
  • The search for information takes more time.
  • No one is monitoring data security.
  • Management has no control over the situation.

As a result of protracted discussions, business suffers losses. Smarty CRM is sharpened for communication. It brings teamwork to a new level of efficiency keeping office clutter-free.

  • Invite all or some of your colleagues to discuss business. Configure whether the chat should be open or closed.
  • Communicate with employees in internal chats and with customers and partners in external chats.
  • Do not stand in line to get to the boss. Contact the top officials directly, for example by sending a service note.
  • Connect to real-time discussions and resolve issues faster.

Learn how to use the Messages section.

Step-by-Step Work

Each project is performed in a number of stages.

  • They are deep in the settings in some programs.
  • They are visible when entering Smarty CRM. 

You open a section and see at once at what stages the objects are: all cards or specific ones.

There are 7 stages in the program. To adapt Smarty CRM for your business, customize their names, descriptions, and colors.

Learn how to set up groups and stages in Contacts and Projects.

Object Nesting

This feature helps to structure information. The logic of Smarty CRM is based on the fractal principle. This means that objects can be embedded into each other over and over.

Types of Nesting

  • Vertical. For example, add a card of an organization and attach cards of employees to it. Adjust visibility so that employees are displayed only in the card of the organization.
  • Horizontal For example, link three projects to one contact. The contact in this case will be your client, and the project will be the services he ordered.

Learn how to link contacts to other Smarty CRM cards.

Flexible Rights

For example, using access rights you can give the permission to view and or edit contacts or projects in certain groups. The permissions will also allow you to configure access to the same type of objects in different regions. 

What Rights Are Available?

  • For sections and groups.
  • To view, add, edit, remove to archive and remove forever.
  • For personal and common objects.
  • To export and import.
  • To recognize business cards.
  • For areas of responsibility (you create them yourself and they act as tags).

Learn how to assign access rights.