Who is the Solution for?

First of all, Smarty CRM is good for B2B companies that want to manage communications, work with clients and conduct projects.

For Those Who Want to Manage Communications

The program is perfect for communication with colleagues, partners and clients. Keep them knowledgeable and connected.

For example, you work in an office and face typical problems:

  • when you provide information, some of it is lost;
  • if you inform all colleagues, multiple programs are used;
  • coworkers have to wait in the hallway to find out about the decision of the authorities;
  • you know that colleagues will discuss the task, but do not know when, where and with whom;
  • meetings are held, but the results of the discussion are soon forgotten.

As a result, there is a communication gap. Use Smarty CRM to eliminate it.

With Smarty CRM you can:

  • communicate directly with colleagues, partners and customers;
  • use one solution instead of multiple programs;
  • deal effectively with issues online and go paperless;
  • easy contribute to discussions with colleagues;
  • call to mind meeting results or ideas from brainstorming sessions;
  • find information about any company in a few clicks.

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For Those Who Work with Customers

Smarty CRM is ideal for managing transactions with a long sales cycle.

For example, you sell houses and understand that:

  • customers make decisions not emotionally, but rationally;
  • every client is worth his weight in gold and has the right to refuse any transaction;
  • there is a whole chain of touches with the decision maker;
  • third parties are involved: intermediaries and experts;
  • the higher the price of the issue, the more painstaking you work on the deal;
  • the final decision is made weeks or months later.

Smarty CRM helps to work correctly with long sales.

With Smarty CRM you can:

  • work less and earn much more;
  • create a customer base and record the history of relationships;
  • build sales and get away from the “leaky bucket” model when you need to invest more in attracting new customers;
  • work out each touch with the client and get the result;
  • connect employees and active partners;
  • to build the process so that it brings the maximum profit.

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For Those Who Lead Projects

The project in Smarty CRM means any activity of the company, depending on what you are doing. Suppose that you build cottages.

You must: 

  • identify customer's needs;
  • prepare project documentation;
  • create sketches or BIM model;
  • prepare the site for construction;
  • take care of adjacent communications;
  • dig a pit.

This is just the beginning.

It's a time-consuming business. Smarty CRM will help to implement this and other projects in different spheres.

With Smarty CRM you can:

  • outline control points from start to finish;
  • change responsibles depending on the stage of work;
  • resolve issues with employees and partners online;
  • allocate resources based on project priority;
  • find out a project status and the amount of work remained;
  • find forgotten projects and push lazy executives.

Learn more in the Projects section.

In which Areas is the Solution Used?

Today, Smarty CRM is used in many areas: from private lawyers to large construction companies. This is due to the fact that a program allows you to tune yourself for almost any business process with the help of groups, steps, fields in cards, etc. You do not need any help from programmers.

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If you have any questions, please contact support. Learn how to contact support.