Removal of Personal Account and Data

Why do You Need to Remove Your Account and Data?

Removal is necessary, if you:

  • registered an account with the wrong email address;
  • tested Smarty CRM and decided not to continue using the test account;
  • moved the data to the new account and want to get rid of the old one;
  • found a more suitable solution instead of Smarty CRM.

To remove a workspace, you do not need to close an account. Learn how to remove a workspace.

How to Remove Your Account and Data?

Do not Confirm Your Registration

If you have not confirmed the phone number within 24 hours after registration, the account is automatically removed.

Contact Support

  1. Send a request to remove your account. Learn how to contact support.
  • Send the email used when signing up for Smarty CRM.
  • Send the request from the same email.
  1. We will ask you to confirm the removal of the account.
  • Once deleted, the data cannot be recovered.
  • If important information remains in the workspace, use ExportMore…
  1. Confirm that you want to remove the account.
  • If you do not send a confirmation, your account will not be deleted.
  • We will send a letter after deleting the account.

We would be grateful if you explain why you decided to remove your account. We collect feedback to make Smarty CRM better.