What Can I Do to Improve My Account Security?

What to Do When Creating a Password

  1. Use complex passwords. The length must be more than 8 characters. Capitalization, lowercase letters, numbers and special characters should be also used. Example: 753M4smKr!O.
  2. Use special programs. For example: 
  • password generators to come up with complex combinations;
  • password managers to store passwords in encrypted form.
  1. Create your own password algorithm. For example, use any sufficiently long phrase and change some characters. |aDaN6e7_f0reSeeN_1s_hA1f_aVo1d6d/! (A danger foreseen is half avoided).
  2. Update protection regularly. Change your password every three-six months. Keep track of the relevance of antivirus. Download operating system updates.

What not to Do When Creating a Password

  1. Do not use information that is easy to get. For example, name, date of birth, domain name.
  2. Do not use predictable combinations: qwerty, pass, 123qwe, asdfg, password, asdfjkl, 1234567, 123, etc.
  3. Do not share your password with third parties. If you write it down on paper, do not leave it in plain sight.
  4. The same password should not be used in different services. This helps the attacker to find the right combination
  5. The password generation algorithm should not be predictable, otherwise it can be used to access other accounts.
  6. Do not follow links from strangers or open strange attachments. They may not be safe.