For Communication with Customers

Invite clients to Smarty CRM to chat as users do in messengers.

— Go to Contacts and create a card with a client. Enter an email address.

— Go to the tab Related dialogues. Click on the plus sign.

— Choose Link or Add.

— If the dialog is new, enter a topic and the email address of the person you are talking to. Click Next.

— The settings for the dialog will appear on the right. When you are done, click Save.

— Write your message in the text area and click Send.

If the client is not registered in Smarty CRM, he will receive an invitation to e-mail. Let him pass on the link in the letter. If he is registered, he will receive an invitation to our service. Notification will be displayed on the bulb in the upper right corner. The client should accept the invitation to the dialogue in order to correspond with you.
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